Personal: Current update

I'm sooo busy with assignments and stuffs lately that I haven't watch any new Arashi shows (;__;) I feel down because of it. Even when I'm writing this, I just finished another assignment and I still have 1 more which is the last one for this semester

and on a bright note, it's almost the released date for Arashi concert DVD YAAAAAY atleast I'm so excited but at that time I will still be working on this last assignment and preparation for the exams orz but ganbare me

fyi, I have 5 assignments and I manage to finish them within 1 month in the last minute I'm a bad student I'm sorry

life being in the fandom after few months

it's been almost 8 months since I have fallen so deep into this hell Arashi fandom and so far it's going strong lol if I were to be honest, I never stick around for more than 1-2 months in a fandom. Anime fandom is different, I've been in it for 10 years already. I meant been in a fandom of a particular 'things' such as Kuroko no Basket, One Piece and such.

even when I was so into the English artists and entered the fandom and obsessing over them, it only lasted for about a week or a month the most XDD I can quickly change my interest, but not Arashi fandom it seem. Not that I want to stop liking, obsessing, fangirling over them, I used to wait (when i've been in the fandom for 3-4 months already) and wonder when will I stop liking them like I have always been before, but LOL NOPE LOOKS LIKE I'LL NEVER STOP LOVING THEM

sigh I don't know why, but Arashi makes me feel that I could love them forever and I really wish I will keep loving them. It's like Arashi is my drugs. They are my cure for everything i know i exaggerate but you know but really, when I'm feeling down, I always watch their videos, but I'm angry, they are my to go solutions to calm me down, and I always feel happy watching them

Personal: Hobby

I thought I make a personal journal regarding boring stuffs about myself since my account are pretty much empty //shrug

So hello hello~ I guess I wanted to talk about my one of my hobby in this journal: drawing. I love drawing ever since I was very small, it was soothing and fun for me so I spent most of my time drawing stuff especially anime characters... going back to when I was around 8-12 years old, I remember I draw so much during that time thanks to my brother's influence on me, but I stopped drawing completely when I was entering middle school for 2 years. Then again, one day I picked my pencil and draw again and it honestly give me the joy to be able to draw again after so long, so I continue till I finished high school.

Entering the 6th Form school was so stressed so I always spent my days and times drawing to relief myself. I was on the verge of breaking down during those time because the pressure was honestly too much for me lol whatispreserverance I started digital during those times which was last year.

Even though I enjoy drawing, but I'm still an amateur XDD I still love drawing regardless whether I'm good or not. I'm on hiatus from it for a while since I've been spending my times fangirling over cough Arashi cough but I really want to draw again but ArtBlock is getting in the way :((

Lol okay enough of the boring talk. For now, I just wanted to share some of my digital drawing here :D

                                                            Haruichi from Diamond no Ace
                                                                Bishamon from Noragami
                                                                      Utaite Mafumafu <33

Oh and also, one of my commission that I did for my friend (ignore the messy background lol)

Some of the drawings from this year ^^

                                                    Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayukihime
                                                             Akatsuki from Log Horizon
                                                      Hotaru from Aoharu x Kikanjuu (One of my favorite piece)

And some of my boring sketches that I've done because I'm being super busy with college stuffs (I quit the 6th Form school ^^")

                              and I did an improvement meme somewhere in March, which is this one:


                                                      and the full version if the improve one ^^

I don't share much because well, not all of them looks good //crawls away

Please don't steal/distribute/repost to other places. Even if you did post them anywhere else, please do credit me
Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr: @ziraaria

first time buying an Arashi concert dvd

Finally~ I decided to try and bought an Arashi's concert dvd and orz my money I can't believe my money gone (not really) just after bought ONE dvd but anything for Arashi ! My mom just shrug and give me the look when I told her about the price, well, it's not like I always spend my money that much, so this is the time XD And so, my first time buying dvd I don't know there was two option available for purchasing their dvd: Blu-Ray and DVD

And I ended buying Blu-Ray because I don't know there was a 'DVD' one......
this one

I was very happy at first when it arrived because I haven't watch this concert yet, but then....the problem start: I can't play Blu-Ray on my laptop screw you Windows 8 I was very depressed because I have so much to talk about the concert and I wanted to screenshot and share my happiness but good lord forbid
the content

In the end, I used my brother PlayStation 3 to play the Blu-Ray on my tv *sobs even though I still enjoyed it because well, the tv is kinda big compared to my laptop and oh, the resolution are so high XDD still can't get over the fact that I can't play them on my laptop
AND I'M SOO IN LOVE WITH THE POSTERS! I wonder if only the Blu-Ray provided posters and none for DVD

And now, with the Arashi new tour dvd, Japonism, I already Pre-Ordered them, this time choosing DVD, I can't wait for the dvd released on the 24/8 (^O^)

1st Journal

So actually I don't really keen to make any journal even though I'm new here, I only planned to be active on joining communities and comments rather than actually making journal. I would probably write some but I don't know what to say

So yeah...lately I've been really busy with college stuffs and it's almost time for my exams this upcoming June. I don't even have time to touched my wacom to draw stuffs lately. I only manage to sketch something on papers but ugh, because of the busyness in real life, I'm not even active on my art acc on ig/da/pixiv . *whisper* even though I've been on twitter every day and tweeting XD *cough besides, I'm obsessing over Arashi lately tho I'm quite new in this fandom it has not even been a month I knew them from years ago tho through Jun, but at that time, I only support them normally without even knowing about them wth i. But thanks to a friend keeps on tweeting about them, I kinda fell for them XDD now I'm being obsessive. even though I'm busy, I still make the time to download and watch their old and current shows and cried over it because they have come a long way even

don't really mind on this post, because I only did this to actually at least make my first journal